Thursday, June 28, 2018

What to bring to the hospital...

After being diagnosed with cancer can be a crazy time in any persons life. Especially if you are about to have a hospital stay in the near future. What do I bring,  you may ask yourself. What does a cancer patient really need in the hospital?? This post may also help if you want to send a care package to a loved one in the hospital as well! 

The basics that will make your hospital stay easier for you. 

Reading Material

This could be a book of poetry, an absorbing novel, a prayer book, magazines, or some other reading material – and it doesn’t have to be related to cancer. Think of this time as an opportunity to read that book that you didn’t have time for before.
MusicLoad up your phone or iPod with your favorite music or download your favorite music streaming app, plug in your earbuds and lose yourself in the music. You may want to download a meditation or guided imagery CD. Some cancer centers have a music therapy program which provides an opportunity for distraction, self-expression, comfort, and support.
GamesFind some fun game apps, download them to your tablet and bring your device. Many chemotherapy centers have wireless internet access, which allows you lots of time to sharpen your solitaire or Candy Crush skills. Or bring a board game like Scrabble to play with a friend or family member.
Comfortable clothesMore than likely, you will be able to stay in the clothing you wear to the appointment. Think about wearing comfortable clothes, such as sweats or yoga pants. Also consider bringing a warm hat, or a cardigan or zip-up hoodie sweatshirt to slip on to keep your head warm. Sometime the infusion medicines can make you feel chilly. And you can never predict the temperature of the infusion room. Remember to wear layers of clothing that you can put on and take off and make sure they provide easy access to your port or your arm for the infusion.
Pillow or blanketBring a small blanket or a special pillow. Then when you feel like resting you can be surrounded by things that bring you comfort. You can also ask your nurse for a warm blanket.

Writing or drawing materials

Some people use this quiet time to journal or write letters. Another similar relaxation is coloring. Bring your colored pencils or your markers and use the time to relax with your favorite coloring book. Other writing distractions include crosswords, Sudoku or word search puzzles. Or use the time to balance your check book, pay bills, write emails and organize your to-do list. This may be a good time to make a list of things your caregiver can do to help.
Ask your nurse if the chemotherapy suites have a television with a DVD player. Bring your favorite movies or ask if they have movies on DVD so you can watch something new.

Hobby materials

Take advantage of the mostly uninterrupted time to make a serious dent in your knitting, crocheting, beading or quilting project. Using your hands is a good way to keep them warm during infusions. Some cancer centers also have an art therapy program, which can improve emotional and physical healing.
BeveragesIt’s important to stay hydrated during chemotherapy. Your infusion center may provide beverages, but this is a way to make sure you have something that you enjoy drinking. There are many things other than water; such as Gatorade, Crystal Light, and decaffeinated teas.

Eating adequate amounts of calories and protein also is important during chemotherapy. While the cancer center may have light snacks such as soup or crackers, you may want to bring something that you particularly like. Hard candy, lemon drops or ginger candy can help to get rid of the metallic taste that some people develop or reduce nausea.

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