Thursday, December 26, 2019

I knew it....

well, its the day after Christmas and guess what... I GOT SICK. I knew it was going to happen. I mean, I'm not crazy sick with a fever or anything but I definitely have something. My sinuses are killing me and y nose keeps running. I really didn't want to get sick and I really wasn't ready. My son doesn't go back to school for another 7 days so that means no rest.

I should have known better. I didn't wear my mask as much as I should have but I figured all my family knew to be careful around me. I  mean its been like 3 years that I had to be so careful and have a compromised immune system. Oh well. Its a little cold, nothing compared to dealing with cancer or a stem cell transplant.

I guess I better but a call into the oncologist and figure out what medicine I should take. I need to also call my stem cell transplant coordinator also because I am so ready to find out who my donor is!

until next time!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

the holidays are near...

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So it's like 4 days until Christmas and to be honest, I'm totally feeling the spirit!! I mean last year I had just had a bone marrow transplant and I Came home from the hospital on December 16th. I wasn't able to shop or wrap or make cookies or decorate and that was really hard for me because my family loves everything Christmas. You know like seeing Santa and doing fun holiday things.

 So this year I just felt like my life was getting back to "normal".  I wasn't in the hospital and I could finally do the things that I wanted to do with my son! 

Financially it has been super rough on me because i still have bills out the ass and medications and doctor appointments that I have to pay for but even with all of that I am still in the spirit. 

You definitely find out who your true friends are when you are struggling. I have been absolutely blessed to have amazing people in my life that are willing to help me give my son a wonderful birthday (12/24) and Christmas. It makes me feel so unbelievably grateful. 

I'm just really feeling the spirit of the holidays this year and i'm exited about it. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Resources for cancer patients...

These resources are from Patient Resources

Basic Living Expenses
Child Care Expenses
Equipment/Supplies Expenses
Government Assistance
Grants, Scholarships, Awards, Camps
Home Health Care Expenses
Housing During Treatment Expenses

Insurance Premium Expenses
Legal Issues
Medical Care Expenses
Post-Treatment Financial Needs
Prescription Expenses
Transportation & Travel Resources
Wish Fulfillment

what would you be feeeling???

Being diagnosed with cancer isn’t easy, and unless you have been in that situation its hard to understand. Imagine living your life,...