Motivational Coaching

Motivational Coaching is now available.

Hello, My name is Amanda Ferraro and I am a motivational coach for cancer patients. 

What does a motivational coach do? 

A motivational coach is someone who helps you get through hard times by motivating you. I choose to work with cancer patients because I am one. It can be very difficult to stay motivated when you aren't feeling great and going through a hard time. There are many emotions that cancer patients go through and sometimes it can be difficult to talk to others about the things you are feeling. I find that it is easier to open up to someone who understands what you are going through. It's nice to talk to people who have been through the same thing you have. 

Before I was diagnosed with Leukemia in May 2017, I had 7 previous brain surgeries for a cyst I have on my cerebellum. My sister had brain cancer (PNET) when she was 6 years old, my aunt had Ewing sarcoma at 18 and my grandfather had lung cancer when I was 13. I have been seeing the effects of cancer from an early age. I myself had induction chemo and four consolidation therapies the first time around. I was told I was in remission on February 14, 2018. Unfortunately, six months later I relapsed and was given a 20% chance to live. After relapse I had an induction chemo and then a Stem Cell Transplant. Today I am a year post transplant and cancer free! 

Although ever cancer patients journey is different, I feel passionately about helping others get it. I don't let my story define me and I never let the cancer win. I managed to stay motivated and positive throughout everything I have been through and I want to help other cancer patients do the same. 

If you would like to inquire about these services please email:

Services Available
Personal one-on-one sessions
Online sessions
Family sessions
In-hospital sessions

📍 I do not have a degree or certifications in counseling or therapy. This service is for cancer patients and their families to find motivation during a cancer diagnosis. 

*Cost of service is dependent upon category and duration of service.

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