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  So this is the blog page I had started when I was first diagnosed. My Dooms day date was May 17th 2017.... my god its almost been a year...a year of pure hell. Pain and suffering and tears ( a lot of tears) and why me, so much of that and I still do that because I'm human and cancer sucks!!! But I had cancer, cancer doesn't have me.... and I have said that a lot in the beginning. I have total control. Because If I didn't go to the doctor on May 16th I wouldn't have a diagnosis and I wouldn't have known what was going on with my body. ( glad i did though) So I took charge of my diagnosis, I wanted to know every medication and every blood level and I wanted to share it with everyone. I didn't want people to look at me and say " oh I'm so sorry you have cancer" I wanted them to see the throwing up and hair loss and pain and pills and suffering I was going through and then, you can say I feel so sorry you have cancer. But don't feel sorry for me, because I'm going to fight my ass off. Just fight with me and ask what I need help with. Like I said from day one, Cancer is an asshole... - Cancer is an Asshole page on Facebook you can follow!!! Our Twitter Account!

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World Cancer Day!

                                      HAPPY WORLD CANCER DAY!!!